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Press Releases/Statements

12/12/08 - VOTF Calls Op-Ed by Judge Michael Merz Harmful Read more

11/25/08 - After 36 Years, All He Gets Is 30 Days? VOTF Calls the Excommunication of Fr. Bourgeois the True Scandal Read more

9/22/08 - VOTF Calls for Bishops to Seek a Review of Mandated Celibacy Read more

8/19/08 - VOICE OF THE FAITHFUL TO CARDINAL: “Step down” Read more

8/12/08 - Voice of the Faithful calls for Accountability Read more

6/12/08 - Voice of the Faithful Petitions Pope to Hold Bishops Accountable for their Actions in Abuse Crisis Read more

5/22/08 - Voice of the Faithful Chooses Bishop Geoffrey Robinson for “Priest of Integrity” Award Read more

5/19/08 - Silencing Courageous Catholics Is Detrimental to the Catholic Church. Read more.

4/28/08 - Voice of the Faithful Questions Church's Appointments Process Read more

4/23/08 - Catholics are learning of yet another instance where a Church knowingly hired a defrocked pedophile priest. Read more

4/17/08 - Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) is encouraged by the decision of Pope Benedict to meet with five survivors of clergy sexual abuse. Read more

4/14/08 - Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) congratulates Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear and the General Assembly of the Commonwealth for the passage of House Bill 211. Read more

4/9/08 - Voice of the Faithful Makes Spokespeople Available During Papal Visit. Read more

4/8/08 - Voice of the Faithful Full-Page Ad in NY Times Identifies “Moral Crisis” in Catholic Church. Read more

4/7/08 - Voice of the Faithful Petition to Pope Calls All Catholics to Transform Church. Read more

3/17/08 - has issued a letter of support to Fr. Jerry Wirth and the Presbyteral Council of the Diocese of Belleville IL for their courageous stance in calling for the resignation of their Bishop, Edward Braxton. Read more

3/6/08 - Voice of the Faithful and SNAP Present “Truth and Justice Awards” to New Hampshire Attorneys General and Staffs. Read more

2/15/08 - Church officials in Ft. Worth TX have recently revealed that accused sexual abuser Fr. Philip Magaldi is HIV positive. Read more

2/15/08 - Fairbanks, Alaska, plans to file for protection under the federal bankruptcy statutes is only the latest reminder of the tragic effects of the mishandling and neglect, by the Catholic hierarchy, of the sexual abuse scandal. Read more

2/8/08 - The decision by Bishop Richard Malone of Portland ME to rescind his decision regarding the return to ministry of Fr. Paul Coughlin demonstrates the power of the laity in changing Church policy. Read more

2/8/08 - It took the pressure of an impending court hearing this coming Monday to force New Hampshire Catholic Bishop John McCormack to agree to the New Hampshire attorney general’s request for a fourth state audit. Read more

2/7/08 - Voice of the Faithful is appalled to learn that Bishop Malone has decided to reinstate Fr. Paul Coughlin, a priest who protected a convicted perpetrator of sexual abuse against minors. Read more

1/31/2008 - 2008 VOTF National Election Committee Sponsors Candidate Discussion Forums - Read more.

1/25/2008 - Voice of the Faithful Salutes Susan Hogan-Albach - Read more.

12/13/2007 - VOTF Response to National Review Board Report. Read more.

12/13/2007 - VOTF Marks Anniversary of Cardinal Law’s Resignation with Vigil. Read more.

12/5/2007 - Voice of the Faithful applauds the innovative approach represented by the new coloring book on child safety put out by the Archdiocese of New York. - Read more.

12/4/2007 - Voice of the Faithful Notes Transparency of Davenport Settlement - Read more.

11/20/07 - Voice of the Faithful Praises Boston Diocese for Transparency - Read more.

11/19/07 - Voice of the Faithful Urges Jesuits to Release Personnel Files - Read more.

11/13/07 - VOTF Supports the John Jay Causes and Context Study of the Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests. - Read more.

11/12/07 - VOTF Urges Bishops Not to Elect Cardinal George. - Read more

11/12/07 - VOTF Protests Bishop's Failure to Implement the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. - Read more.

11/5/07 - VOTF has objected to bail for Rev. Donald McGuire S.J. - Read more.

10/30/07 - VOTF Statement on Rev. Donald McGuire S.J. Read more.

10/19/07 - VOTF Statement on Fr. William Clark, S.J. - Read more.

09/07/07 - Voice of the Faithful Calls for Swift Release of Documents And Financial Reforms in San Diego Diocese - Read more.

08/02/07- Voice of the Faithful Convention's theme is “Disciples in Action” October 19-20 - Read more

07/18/07 - Voice of the Faithful Names Doucette as Executive Director - Read more

07/16/07 - Voice of the Faithful's Statement on Los Angeles Abuse Settlement - Read more

07/05/07 - Voice of the Faithful Calls for Catholic Bishops to Follow Mandates of Charter for Protection of Children - Read more

07/02/07 - Voice of the Faithful Calls Vatican To Review Mandatory Celibacy - Read more

06/21/07 - Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) congratulates Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner - Read more

06/19/07 - VOTF Letter Calls Bishops to Support Justice for Survivors and Financial Accountability - Read more

06/08/07-Voice of the Faithful Letter to US Bishops - Read more.

05/24/07- Voice of the Faithful Calls Archdiocesan Sale “Good Stewardship” - Read more.

04/26/07 - VOTF Calls for Accountability from Spokane Diocese - Read more.

04/25/07 - VOTF Praises Boston Financial Report - Read more.

03/05/07 - An Open Letter to His Eminence, Edward Cardinal Egan, Archbishop of New York, From Voice of the Faithful New York - Read Letter

03/01/07 - Voice of the Faithful Questions Bishop Brom’s Motivations. Read more.

02/20/07 - Voice of the Faithful Chooses GumbletonFor “Priest of Integrity” Award. Read more

1/29/07 - Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) protests the removal from St. Leo’s parish of Bishop Thomas Gumbleton by Cardinal ADAM Maida and the Archdiocese of Detroit. Read More

01/18/07 - Hand of God on PBS this week – Read editorial

01/04/07 - VOTF Marks Anniversary of Clergy Scandal Revelation - Read more

12/21/06 - Christmas message from VOTF President, Mary Pat Fox. - Read more.

12/15/06 - Voice of the Faithful Calls For Justice As Well As Penitence. Read more.

12/12/06 - Voice of the Faithful Protests Excommunications In Diocese of Lincoln Nebraska. Read more.

11/17/06 - VOTF pushes for disclosure of clergy abuse cases submitted to Vatican at National Representative Council meeting. Read more.

11/13/06 - Voice of the Faithful Delivers Petition to Bishops - Read more

11/02/06 - VOTF & SNAP push for public disclosure of Church documents in Denver – Read More

11/01/06 - America magazine and the bishops: Response to Archbishop Chaput" - Read more

11/01/06 - Saints of tomorrow where might they be? Read Fr. James Martin’s Op Ed to learn more.

10/31/06 - VOTF withdraws from Call To Action conference. Read more

10/24/06 - VOTF & SNAP call upon legal authorities to investigate former Congressman Foley’s abusive priest. Read More

10/17/06 - Voice of the Faithful Responds to "No Confidence" New York's Cardinal Edward Egan - Read more

10/17/06 - The recent Congressional page scandal and the similarities to our Church’s response. - Read More

09/21/06 - VOTF President Addresses Catholic U. Conference on "Catholic Church In America: 2006" - Read more. To read Ms. Fox’s entire talk click here.

08/31/06 - Voice of the Faithful responds to Choice for NY Priests in Abuse Cases - Read more

08/23/06 - Letter to the New York Times regarding child pornography - Read More

08/08/06 - VOTF Supports National Data Base of Abuser Priests – Read More

08/04/06 - Boston Area Voice of The Faithful Council Optimistic After First Meeting with Cardinal Sean O'malley - Read more

07/21/06 - Letter to Bishop William S. Skylstad from VOTF President, Mary Pat Fox - Read more

6/27/06 - VOTF Asks Santa Rosa Diocese to Reform Sexual Abuse Response Policies - Read More

6/22/06 - New National Chairperson for VOTF Goal #2 - Support for priests of integrity - Read more

6/15/06 – VOTF calls upon the U.S. bishops to deal with the ongoing clergy abuse scandal at their semi-annual meeting and to support four specific actions. Read more.

06/08/06 - VOTF responds to Catholic League New York Times ad and calls on bishops to be accountable NOW - Read More

06/01/06 - VOTF urges Pope Benedict XVI to require the U.S. bishops to stop the malicious campaigns against survivors and instead take a leadership role in reforming child abuse legislation. Read more

05/22/06 - Voice of the Faithful is pleased to note that the Vatican has imposed restrictions on Fr. Marcial Macial Degollado - Read More

05/17/06 - Voice of the Faithful Calls for Accountability From Bishop Matano - Read More

05/04/06 - Limerick, Ireland Tragedy: Are Bishops Conflicted? - Read More

04/19/06 - The Boston Area Council of VOTF welcomes the publication of the first annual Financial Transparency Report issued by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston - Read More.

4/06/06 - VOTF Offers Cooperation to Fr. Erickson, New Vicar General in Boston - Read More

3/30/06 -USCCB’s own audits make it clear the sexual abuse crisis is not history. Read More

3/29/06 – Archdiocese of New York realignment process just getting started, not over. Read More

3/21/06 – VOTF urges Boston Archdiocese to do more to protect children. Read More

3/10/06 - Voice of the Faithful Calls for Bishops to Step Down From USCCB - Read more

03/08/06 - Jim Post's Last talk as VOTF President - Click here

02/22/06 - Voice of the Faithful hopes new cardinals’ experiences will increase attention to sexual abuse crisis in Rome - Read More

2/10/06 - VOTF urges National Review Board to take strong, principled action re: Cardinal George’s inaction - Read More

02/06/06 - Bishop Skylstad Clarifies His Statement on Statute of Limitations Legislation - Click here

02/02/06 - Putting "Deus Caritas Est" into action in support of survivors. Read More

01/26/06 - Bishop Gumbleton Resigns – Read More

01/17/06 - What Bishop Gumbleton's Public Statement Means to VOTF - Jim Post - Click here

01/11/06 - Bishop Gumbleton’s Revelation Underscores Need for Statute of Limitations Reform for Sexual Abuse Victims - Read More

12/07/05 - Voice of the Faithful Declares Support for Priests Regardless of Sexual Orientation - Read More

11/20/05 -VOTF was present for the USCCB Fall meeting in Washington, DC. Read Report

11/16/05 - Bishops Fail to Address Biggest Crisis in US Church History - Read More

William D'Antonio & Anthony Pogorelc Conduct Two-year Study of VOTF Members

VOTF Press Release

The full Executive Summary, charts and graphs (PDF format)

10/28/05 Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in Ireland:Statement of VOTF Ireland

10/13/05 - VOTF Statement on Los Angeles Clergy Sex Abuse Files - Click Here

10/05/05 - Catholics Will Gather to Discuss the Selection of the New Archbishop for San Francisco - Read More.

08/21/05 - Statement by the Voice of the Faithful with regard to the Philadelphia Grand Jury Report of September 21, 2005 - Read More

08/11/05 - Voice of the Faithful responds to Vatican decision re: assets of closed parishes- Read More

07/13/05 - Voice of the Faithful responds to Senator Santorum – Read More

06/17/05 -Voice of the Faithful Announces Justice Anne Burke to Receive Inaugural Distinguished Lay Person Award at Indianapolis Convocation - Read more.

06/15/05 - Voice of the Faithful Calls on U.S. Bishops to End Secrecy around Revised Charter - Read Press Release and Letter to Bishop William Skylstad

06/15/05 - Voice of the Faithful Delivers Letter to President of Us Conference of Catholic Bishops at Annual Meeting - Read More

06/13/05 - Remarks by James E. Post, Voice of the Faithful President SNAP National Conference Chicago, IL - Read More

06/08/05 - Voice of the Faithful to Host Major Leadership Meeting in Indianapolis - Organization Will Discuss Accountability in the Catholic Church, Honor Leaders - Read More

06/06/05 - Voice of the Faithful Urges Accountability for Bishops in Reaction to Recent Revelations in Idaho - Read More

05/18/05 - Letter to Levada Asks Him to Provide Leadership in Resolving Cases Against Priests, Creating Financial Accountability within Catholic Church - Read More

05/09/05 - Members of Voice of the Faithful Dismayed by Ouster of Fr. Thomas Reese from America Magazine - Read More

04/14/15 - Survey Shows Members of Voice of the Faithful Looking to Next Pope for Willingness to Address Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis and To Increase Lay Participation in Church Governance - Read More

04/11/05 - Members of Voice of the Faithful Dismayed at Cardinal Law?s Celebration of Mass of Mourning for Pope John Paul II Read More

04/02/05 - Voice of the Faithful Mourns the Passing of Pope John Paul II. Read More

03/14/05 - Voice of the Faithful Calls on Bishops to Examine Their Consciences During Lent in America Magazine Advertisement - Read More

02/18/05 - Voice of the Faithful Disappointed by New Allegations in Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis, Calls for End of Self-Reporting Audits - Read More

02/08/05 - Statement on the Guilty Verdict on the Paul Shanley Trial - Read More

02/03/05 - Voice of the Faithful Offers to Facilitate Meeting with Ford Motor Company, Survivors over Controversial Ad - Read More

01/31/05 - Voice of the Faithful Recommends Focus on Bishops’ Accountability, Reiterates Opposition to Self-Audits as Part of Charter Review - Read More

12/16/04 - Voice of the Faithful Commends Archdiocese of Boston Decision to Reverse Closing - Read More

12/13/04 - Voice of the Faithful and Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests Ask For Credible Church Audits - Read More

12/8/04 - Voice of the Faithful Encouraged by Orange County Settlement - Read More

11/30/04 - Voice of the Faithful Applauds Formation of Second Archdiocesan Committee to Deal with Parish Closings - Read More

11/18/04 - An Open Letter to Archbishop Sean O’Malley - Read More

11/15/04 - Voice of the Faithful Urges Next President of U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to Develop Transparent Mechanisms for Accountabilit. Read More

11/13/04 - Voice of the Faithful Hosts Major Regional Conference on Renewal In the Catholic Church. Read More

11/14/04 - Washington, D.C. Metro Voice of the Faithful, to Sponsor Symposium to Assess the Catholic Church's Response to the Sexual Abuse. Read More.

10/13/04 - Voice of the Faithful Announces Fr. James J. Scahill to Receive Priest of Integrity Award at New England Conference - Read More

10/08/04 - Voice of the Faithful Encouraged by External Review Committee for Parish Closings - Read More

9/30/04 - Steve Krueger Stepping Down as Executive Director of Voice of the Faithful - Read More

9/21/04 - Voice of the Faithful Reaffirms Call for Financial Transparency in Response to Tucson Diocese Filing for Bankruptcy - Read More

9/15/04 - Voice of the Faithful Encouraged by Pope John Paul II’s Call for Shared Responsibility and Renewal - Read More

9/1/04 - Voice of the Faithful Supports Ongoing Prayer Vigil by Parishioners of St. Albert the Great’s in Weymouth, MA - Read More

8/6/04- Advertisement in The Pilot, (PDF File) Advertisement in The Pilot, the Archdiocesan newspaper in Boston, announcing Voice of the Faithful's Mass on Boston Common, Sunday, August 15, 2004.

7/6/04 - Voice of the Faithful Leaders Call for Financial Transparency in Response to Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon Filing for Bankruptcy

7/2/04 - Voice of the Faithful Leaders Respond to Archdiocese of Los Angeles’s Request to Join Constitutional Challenge against California Law

6/22/04 - Media Alert Voice of the Faithful Holds Parish Preservation Summit at Our Lady Help of Christians in Newton, Mass.

6/21/04 - Voice of the Faithful Mourns the Death of Father Bob Bullock

6/16/04 - Voice of the Faithful Respond to U.S. Bishops’ Announcement to Fulfill Pledge to Authorize Second Round of Audits - Full Story

6/11/04 - Voice of the Faithful Holds Press Conference On Bishops’ Conference in Denver on 6/14/04 Read more

06/04/04 - Statement by the Boston Area Voice of the Faithful Council on Fivefold Response to Parish Closings

5/31/04 - Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests and Voice of the Faithful Call for Bishops to Meet Openly

5/27/04 - Statement by Voice of the Faithful Leaders on Cardinal Law’s New Appointment

5/25/04 - Voice of the Faithful Demands Financial Accounting and Master Plan for Rebuilding the Archdiocese of Boston

5/14/04 - Voice of the Faithful Calls On Catholic Bishops to Continue and Strengthen Audits

5/07/04 - Statement of John Hynes, Voice of the Faithful-Boston, to Parish Closings Announcement

5/03/04 - Statement by Voice of the Faithful President James E. Post Regarding Fr. Tom Doyle’s Dismissal

Voice of the Faithful Calls on Bishops to Fulfill Role As Pastoral Leaders - 4/15/04

Voice of the Faithful Criticizes Bishops’ Decision to Not Immediately Authorize Second Round of Audits - 4/7/04

Scandal and Sunlight – What the John Jay Study Means to Catholics, Remarks of James E. Post President, Voice of the Faithful St. Patrick and St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church, Hartford, CT March 11, 2004

Voice of the Faithful President James E. Post Will Address John Jay Report in Hartford, CT 3/10/04

Voice of the Faithful Calls for Moratorium on Parish Closings, 3/8/04

Statement of James E. Post, President, Voice of the Faithful 2/27/04

Voice of the Faithful Notes Glaring Omission in John Jay Study 2/27/04

Remarks of the Executive Director, Steve Krueger 2/27/04

Learn more about the John Jay Study

Voice of the Faithful Available For Media Interviews
Addressing John Jay Report

Voice of the Faithful Responds To Leaked Draft of John Jay Report - Organization Spokespersons Available to the Media for Interviews and Comment.Read More.

VOTF 2004 Western States Conference: A Two Day Practicum March 27-28, 2004 Read More

1/06/04 - Statement by Voice of the Faithful Regarding National Review Board Audits - Full Story

Diocese of Portland, ME Now Welcomes VOTF Bishop & Catholic Charities Reverse ?Banning? of Lay Reform Group from Church Property Read More.

Dayton-VOTF Calls for Archbishop's Resignation Read letter.

VOTF Statement on Survivor Settlement In the Archdiocese Of Boston

Voice of the Faithful Concludes First Meeting with Archbishop Sean O’Malley

Voice of the Faithful press conference to report on VOTF?s first meeting with Boston Archbishop Sean O?Malley

VOTF Conference Draws 1,500 Catholic Laity Despite Ad Bans

Voice of the Faithful Conference - Being Catholic in the 21st Century: Crisis, Challenge and Opportunity 9/17/03

Statement from VOTF - Regarding a Settlement between Survivors and the Archdiocese of Boston 9/9/2003

Statement from VOTF-Dayton Regarding Mgr. Daniel Pater - 8/31/03

Statement From Jim Post, President, Voice of the Faithful, on death of John Geoghan

L.I.-VOTF Calls for Bishop Murphy's Resignation

VOTF of Brooklyn and Queens Welcomes Bishop DiMarzio 8/1/03

Voice of the Faithful Outlines 6-Point Reconciliation & Healing Plan For Bishop O’Malley’s First 100 Days

What We, and the New Archbishop of Boston, Face in Our Church in light of the Attorney General?s Report Statement of Jim Post, July 23, 2003

Statement From Steve Krueger Regarding Bishop O'Malley's Appointment as Archbishop of Boston

Voice of the Faithful Calls For Disclosure, Accountability at Bishops' Conference

NH-VOTF requests Bishop McCormack seek to use up to $1 million in proceeds from the sale of the bishop's mansion to fund the Emmaus House youth ministry

VOTF to meet in Newark, NJ Archdiocese Despite Ban by Archbishop 6/20/03

Voice of the Faithful Calls For Disclosure, Accountability at Bishops' Conference

Statement From Jim Post, President 0f VOTF, on Bishop O'Brien Resignation

VOTF Press Conference in St. Louis, MO Thursday, June 19, 2003 at 7:45-8:45AM CT

Statement From Jim Post, President, Voice of the Faithful, Regarding the Resignation of Frank Keating From The National Review Board

Orthodox Christian Laity & Voice of the Faithful Hold Breakthrough Meeting to Discuss Lay Participation Issues

Boston-Area Voice of the Faithful Holds First-of-Its-Kind Conference to Discuss Boston Archdiocese's Future

Statement From VOTF President Jim Post Regarding June 2 Agreement Between Bishop O'brien and Maricopa County, AZ

MEDIA ALERT - VOTF Plenary/Conference/Workshop called, Awakening to the Spirit, Envisioning the Future.

Jim Muller Voice of the Faithful Founder to Speak in Indianapolis

VOTF Responds To Boston Archdiocese's Child Protection Policies & Procedures Announcement

NH Voice of the Faithful responds to Bishops John B. McCormack Letter

Priest supports calls for bishops' resignations

Voice of The Faithful Will Hold Mass of Rededication and Reconsecration to Mark One-Year Anniversary

Voice of the Faithful Brooklyn/Queens Celebrates Bishop Daily's Decision to Lift the Ban on VOTF Meetings

Press Statement Regarding Appointment of Bishop Coleman from Christopher Boyd, Regional Coordinator, VOTF Parish Voice Affiliates, Diocese of Fall River, MA

Catholic Charities Accepts $35,000 Gift From Voice of Compassion-Boston Fund

NH Voice of the Faithful calls on Bishops John B. McCormack and Francis J. Christian to resign

Massachusetts VOTF Members Encouraged to Attend Bishop Lennon's Lenten Prayer Service, Tuesday, April 8, 2003 St. James the Great Church, Route 9 (Worcester St.), Wellesley, 7 p.m.

Voice of the Faithful Unites With Massachusetts Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Partnership

Bishop Lennon Declines Voice of Compassion-Boston Donations

Members of Voice of the Faithful-Maine Honored With Prestigious "Make A Difference" Award From Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MeCASA)

New Affiliate of Voice of the Faithful Announces Its Formation

Voice of the Faithful Maps Catholic Church Governance & Accountability Issues In Three High-Profile Events

Statement From Svea Fraser, M.Div., Responding to Ad Hominem Attacks Against 58 Faithful Priests of the Boston Archdiocese

VOTF Concludes First Meeting with Bishop Lennon

Candlelight Vigil to Support Survivors at Bishop Lennon's Dracut Massachusetts Service

Voice of the Faithful Meets with Bishop Lennon

Voice of the Faithful's Winchester, MA Affiliate Reveals Priest Survey Results

Critic of Voice of the Faithful Accepts Invitation to Address Local Affiliate

Statement from Jim Post, President, Voice of the Faithful Regarding the Suffolk County Grand Jury Report

Voice of the Faithful President and Co-Founder to Speak in Brooklyn

VOTF NH Open letter to Governor Craig Benson

Voice of the Faithful's Brooklyn and Queens Affiliate Conclude First Meeting with Diocese of Brooklyn

Statement from Jim Post, President of Voice of the Faithful, Regarding Archdiocese of Boston?s Deposition of Therapists

Jesuit Priest Barred From Jesuit Property Due to Voice of the Faithful Sponsorship

Voice of the Faithful Members to Meet with Representatives of the Diocese of Brooklyn

Remarks at Feast of the Epiphany Memorial Vigil Cathedral of the Holy Cross
Boston, MA - January 6, 2003

Statement From Jim Post, President, Voice of the Faithful Regarding Bishop Lennon?s December 18th Press Conference

Statement from Jim Post, President, Voice of the Faithful Regarding Catholic Charities Accepting Voice of Compassion Gift

Statement from Steve Krueger, VOTF Interim Executive Director Regarding Cardinal Law?s December 16th Press Statement

Statement from Jim Post on the Resignation of Cardinal Law as Archbishop of Boston and the appointment of Bishop Lennon as Apostolic Administrator

Voice of the Faithful Concludes Historic Representative Council Meeting - Cardinal Law Lacks Pastoral Leadership and Must Immediately Resign

Letter from Jim Post Regarding Prayerful Demonstration

Statement from Jim Post Regarding Newly Released Documents from Boston Archdiocese

VOTF Concludes First Meeting with Cardinal Law

Voice of the Faithful Calls On Bishops to Use Their Full Discretionary Authority to Fully Implement the Pastoral Intent of the Dallas Charter

Voice Of The Faithful Views Recent Changes To U.S. Bishops' Charter As Weakening Position Of The Laity

Voice of the Faithful Calls on U.S. Bishops to Exercise ?Discretionary Power? in Enforcing Zero Tolerance in Their Dioceses

Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) Anticipates Meeting with Cardinal Law -NCCF Re-evalutes Timeframe for Distribution of Voice of Compassion-Boston Fund

Voice of The Faithful Announces Details of Its Third Meeting With the Archdiocese Of Boston

VOICE OF THE FAITHFUL: FIGHTING FOR CATHOLICS James E. Post President, Voice of the Faithful Delivered at St. Francis Xavier RC Church, New York, NY October 29, 2002

VOTF President and Co-Founder, Jim Post to Address the Archdiocese of New York

Voice of the Faithful expresses its disappointment regarding Vatican response
to U.S. Catholic Church's sexual abuse policy

Statement from Voice of the Faithful Regarding Vatican Reaction to U.S. Bishops? Proposed Charter

St. Michael's Voice of the Faithful Gratified by Cardinal's Rescinding of Ban

VOTF Statement Regarding Bannings In Newark and Camden, NJ

Voice of the Faithful Announces First Quarter Results for Voice of Compassion-Boston Fund

VOTF Statement Regarding the Cardinal's Special Commission for the Protection of Children Report

Voice of the Faithful Joins Survivors in Meeting with Gov. Keating on Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis

Jim Post's Letter to Bishop Allue in Response to Recent Banning

Voice of the Faithful Calls on Bishop Emilio Allue to Rescind Ban on
Group's Church Meetings in North Andover, Mass.

Voice of the Faithful Names Renowned Canon Lawyer as Outside Consultant

VOTF Forced to Host Father Gary Hayes Presentation off Church Property

Fleet Bank Calls RCAB's Credit Line

Bishop Reilly Release

Worcester Diocese's Subpoena

Settlement with the Archdiocese of Boston

Bishop Murphy Release

Keating Release

VOTF Global Office Opens

Faneuil Hall Release

VOTF Lay Congress Media Advisory








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