Keep the Faith, Change the Church.

A Prayerful Voice

"A prayerful voice, attentive to the Spirit" serves as a foundation for the Voice of the Faithful Mission. Many of our projects include prayers, liturgy suggestions, and other spiritually focused actions. With Prayerful Voice, we offer a central collection of resources for spiritual growth, to help facilitate spiritual development and foster community within Voice of the Faithful. 

           What Is Spirituality?
           What Is Prayer?  
           What Are Devotions?

Additional resources

Brief comments on Scripture readings, prayers, and other meditations

Types of Prayers and Devotions
Look here for a variety of prayer forms along with suggestions for their use in your private life, within your parish, and at VOTF meetings and activities. We add at least one prayer or devotion type each month, with its definition, historical background, links to other resources, and opportunities to nurture your prayer life by sharing your experiences with others. 

Prayers and Prayer Services
In this section you will find prayers and prayer services, some of which are quite familiar to members having been placed here from the previous Prayerful Voice site. Others will be added from time to time by members of the Spiritual and Communal Growth team. In addition, we encourage members at large to submit prayers that they have composed or used for local meetings or prayer services.