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Voice of the Faithful Focus, Sept. 15, 2011

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Canon Lawyer Advocates for Fr. Bourgeois
Canon lawyer Fr. Tom Doyle has argued extensively for Fr. Roy Bourgeois' right to conscience. The Maryknoll, threatened with excommunication for taking part in a women's ordination ceremony, has requested that his superiors ask theologians to reconsider issues stemming from his support for women's ordination.

Hague Is Asked to Investigate Vatican Over Abuse

Human rights lawyers and victims clergy sexual abuse victims have filed a complaint urging the International Criminal Court to investigate and prosecute the pope and three Vatican officials. The complaint charges that the widespread sexual abuse by priests and the handling of those cases by bishops and Vatican authorities constitute human rights abuses. The Vatican's U.S. lawyer called the complaint a "ludicrous publicity stunt."

The Catholic Church's Secret Sex Crime Files

"The five co-defendants sit close enough to shake hands in the Philadelphia courtroom," begins a graphic Rolling Stone expose of Philadelphia's clergy sexual abuse scandal. As the report ticks off the familiar charges of child rape and coverup, we're sickened, saddened and more committed than ever to changing the church. A commentary in Commonweal reinforces the gravity of Rolling Stone's report.

Philadelphia Urgently Needs Truth, Compassion & Healing

What is Most Rev. Charles Chaput, Philadelphia's new archbishop, up to with his installation homily? National Catholic Reporter and we want to know.

Priest Urges Women to Protest Missal's 'Sexist Language'
As if the antiphon translations in the new English-language missal aren't bad enough, the blatant patriarchal bias in the translators' penchant for male pronouns is worse. One of the founders of Ireland's Association of Catholic Priests wants Catholic women to write to bishops nationwide to protest sexist language. The significantly altered missal may surprise many.


End Celibacy & Help Save the Church
Retired Derry bishop Fr. Edward Daly is confronting the Vatican over compulsory celibacy for priests. He is one of a lengthening list of priests and bishops who, once they retire, begin to speak out on celibacy and the church's treatment of women.

The Policy Myth versus 'Accountability with Teeth'

Earlier this year, Voice of the Faithful charged that the U.S. bishop's Dallas Charter "lacks teeth," and made specific recommendations to make the charter more effective, among them disciplinary action for bishops who violate the charter. Now, National Catholic Reporter, in studying how the Vatican's policies don't necessarily lead to accountability, says some clerics are calling for "accountability with teeth."

Vatican II 50th Anniversary Celebrated

National Catholic Reporter columnist Richard McBrien has finished his series exploring Vatican II's major ecclesiological themes or principles. Here are the six titles, wich links: 
     -- The Church as an Eschatological Community
     -- The Church is Ecumenical
     -- The Church as Communion
     -- The Church as Mystery, or Sacrament
     -- The People of God
     -- The Church as Servant