Keep the Faith, Change the Church.

Are your donations safe from theft and embezzlement? Do you know how they're spent?

Voice of the Faithful has long advocated accountability and transparency within the Church to protect against scandal. With regard to Church finances, Voice of the Faithful's Financial Accountability & Transparency Working Group has labored diligently to provide Catholics with helpful resources. They can use them, for example, to help prevent the type of embezzlement featured in a recent news story about a priest charged with embezzeling more than $100,000 from his parish.

These resources are available on VOTF's Financial Accountability and Parish Accountability web pages. You can review our central repository for all publicly available diocesan financial information and compare your diocese's financial transparency to others; learn how to read a diocesan financial statement to find out where your donations go; take our Parish F-IQ test to see how secure your parish collections are; read online and download our Protecting the Parish Purse brochure; and much more.

Only vigilance will help ensure that your donations are used to support ministries important to you, your parish life, and your diocesan communites.