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    First Book on Voice of the Faithful,
    Written by Jim Muller, Our First President, Now Available

    Keep the Faith, Change the Church is more than the title of co-authors Jim Muller and Charles Kenney’s just-published book about Voice of the Faithful’s early months. It is the Voice of the Faithful mantra, coined by Jim Muller, and it remains an apt maxim for concerned Catholics around the world. This book is Jim Muller’s memoir of just how challenging it has been to do both.

    While no single book can tell the whole story – people and events were folding over each other like waves in a sea – Muller and Kenney go a long way toward articulating the steady advance of an awakening spirit that has moved from outrage to action centered on returning responsibility to Catholicism. From the now “hallowed” space of the first gathering in St. John the Evangelist School basement in Wellesley, Ma. through the 2002 convention at the Hynes Center in Boston, Ma., and on to the time of Cardinal Law’s resignation, Muller and Kenney plot a course of surprises, disappointments and revelations about Church dynamics and politics as well as survivors’ prophetic courage, priests’ struggles and Catholic activism.

    You can purchase a copy of Keep the Faith, Change the Church for $25.00 including shipping and handling. To order by credit card click here. To order by check, make payable to Voice of the Faithful and mail to PO Box 423, Newton, MA 02464. If sending a check make sure to include a note that you would like a copy of the book. Please call if you have any questions 617-558-5252.

    “ This powerful and lucidly written book chronicles the coming of a great Catholic renewal, a light out of darkness, when courageous men and women took responsibility for their faith and kept it alive. A book for all who love the Catholic Church.”
    --James Carroll, author of Constantine’s Sword and Toward a New Catholic Church

    “I couldn't put Keep the Faith, Change the Church down. This moving and compelling narrative is balanced, moderate in tone, and, above all, faithful. It surely will bring us closer to a graced tipping point, closer to the time when a renewed church will embrace the voice and gifts of all its members.”
    --Donald Cozzens, author of Sacred Silence: Denial and the Crisis in the Church and The Changing Face of the Priesthood

    “Keep the Faith, Change the Church tells the highly readable story of a group of dynamic Catholics determined to improve their church. This fast-paced book is required reading for all who care about the future of the Catholic Church in the United States and throughout the world.”
    --Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., president emeritus of the University of Notre Dame

    “It has been nearly forty years since the Second Vatican Council challenged the laity to more effectively involve themselves in carrying forth the message of Jesus Christ. Recent action by Voice of the Faithful is a reflection of the fact that at long last this challenge is taking root. . . . Today we see the church being influenced by the march of democracy. This transition will not be smooth or without pain, but it will come about.”
    --Most Rev. John McCarthy, bishop emeritus of the Austin (Texas) diocese