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Vatican Fails to Hold Barros Accountable

The Vatican’s recent statement that the Congregation of Bishops has found “no objective reason to preclude” Juan Madrid Barros’ appointment as bishop of Osorno, Chile, is extremely disheartening to Catholic Church reform movement Voice of the Faithful, especially in light of the promise of Francis’ papacy for a more accountable, collegial Church.

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Millions of Dollars Each Year Slip Through Roman Catholic Collection Baskets

The Vatican recently reported finding hundreds of millions of dollars “tucked away” off the official balance sheet. This is only one dimension of the Roman Catholic Church’s need for financial accountability. In the United States, theft, fraud and embezzlement occur at every level, with parishes alone losing millions of dollars each year from Sunday collections.

Zero Tolerance?

The U.S. bishops’ zero tolerance policy for clergy sexual abuse, established with the 2002 Dallas Charter, remains an open question for Voice of the Faithful®. Among the reasons for our concern: Minnesota Public Radio reported that St. Paul-Minneapolis Archbishop John Nienstedt made false statements under oath ... A priest in Fresno CA, after a jury declared him guilty of child sex abuse, was named pastor and put in charge of a parish school ... VOTF queried the USCCB about failure to uphold its own child priotection standards ...